Grace Bible Church
Grace Bible Church



Our Building Men Mission Statement

To provide to each man with accountability (you must do this), encouragement (you can do this) and assistance (I’ll help you do this) to live godly, to love whole-heartedly, to lead courageously, and to learn humbly in his commitment to fulfill his God-given roles.


Our Building Men Philosophy

In recognition of…   

  • the numerous roles men must fill

  • the destructive potential of the Enemy’s attacks

  • the individual responsibility to obey God

  • the corporate responsibility to assist each other

  • the common goal of imitating the character of Christ

We endeavor…

  • To shoulder the responsibility of leadership and influence in the home and church

  • To create an atmosphere of humility and honesty in facing spiritual struggles

  • To establish Bible safeguards and an arsenal of truth to be victorious over daily temptations

  • To build relationships with other men for biblical accountability

  • To equip men for service by mentoring and by development of their gifts

  • To discover the next spiritual step of growth for each man


Our Building Men Plan

  • Individual meetings with Christian brothers for accountability, discussion, encouragement and prayer

  • Group meetings for study and discussion throughout the year - see calendar for dates.

  • Work projects at the church property or at homes.

  • Events designed for fun and fellowship.