Grace Bible Church
Grace Bible Church


Our Purpose

For the glory of God, Grace Bible Church is called to make disciples of Jesus Christ through corporate worship, biblical teaching, loving fellowship, and faithful service.

Our Constitution

The church constitution is available to view here.

Our Membership Covenant

Having been saved by God's grace and baptized in obedience to Christ Jesus' command, we, the members of Grace Bible Church, do wholeheartedly and joyfully enter into the following covenant:

  • to gather faithfully with one another for corporate worship and fellowship;
  • to love one another continually;
  • to encourage and build up one another by the use of edifying words;
  • to discern, develop and deploy our spiritual gift(s);
  • to honor and respect those in spiritual leadership within our assembly;
  • to help sustain the overall ministry of the church through regular, willing and cheerful giving;
  • to offer Christian liberty to one another in matters of non-essential importance;
  • to reconcile differences with one another swiftly, meekly and humbly;
  • and to attempt to restore one another when one is ensnared by sin.

We further pledge …

  • to strive for biblical knowledge and personal growth in our relationship to Christ
  • and to pursue obedience regarding biblical family roles: 
    • as parents, bringing up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord;
    • as husbands, loving our wives as Christ loved the Church;
    • as wives, in submitting willingly and lovingly to the headship of our husbands;
    • and as children, both obeying and honoring our parents. 

We also pledge…

  • to live exemplary, Christ-like lives in our public behavior, demeanor, associations, and financial dealings, mindful of our status as "salt" and "light" in this world;
  • and finally to carry out our Lord's great commission by evangelizing and disciple-making within our sphere of influence. 

We covenant to do all of these things with the power and grace of God, and for His glory.

If at any time we find ourselves in disagreement with this Covenant, accompanying Statements of Faith, or governing documents, we will remove ourselves from this assembly in the spirit of love and for the sake of unity.